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Lesson 1 - Where to start when creating a presentation. Effective presentations start with an outline that ensures the message is clear and compelling. I'll show you three steps to create an outline for your presentation.

Lesson 2 - How to reduce the single biggest complaint of audiences today: information overload. You will learn how to reduce the information in your presentation to only what the audience needs to hear.

Lesson 3 - Why you should plan your slides on paper before you create them in software. PowerPoint does not help you think about what each slide should look like. You will learn how to plan each slide before sitting down at the computer so you spend much less time in the software.

Lesson 4 - Designing slides so they are easy to see. How do you select colors and fonts that are easy for the audience to see? You will learn how to use tools I have created that give you objective answers based on research.

Lesson 5 - Best practices for graphs. When presenting numbers, a graph is usually much better than a table of numbers. I'll show you what to watch out for and how to clean up the default graphs in PowerPoint.

Lesson 6 - Using photos and images. One of the first visuals that presenters use is a photo. In this lesson you will learn where to find great photos that you can legally use and make them look good on your slides.

Lesson 7 - Delivery Tips. Once you have your slides prepared from your outline, you need to prepare to deliver your presentation. I'll give you insider tips that the pros use to deliver confidently and tell you about the best tool for presenting your PowerPoint presentation on an iPad.

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