Create Excel Charts

Do you want to start or improve your use of charts in Excel? You’ve come to the right place! Here you will find resources that will take you from starting out to expert level in your creation of Excel charts. Select the level/area you want to learn more about to get started.

Beginning with Excel charts

  • Never created a chart in Excel and want to learn the basics? Start with this article and video by Excel MVP Leila Gharani.
  • Have an Excel chart you or someone else created and you want to copy it so you can use the same formatting with different data? Here’s how to do that from Excel MVP Jon Peltier. 

VBA Programming to work with Excel charts

Add-ins/Web tools for Excel charts

When you are considering using an add-in for Excel, always remember to check with your IT department to make sure it approved and allowed to be installed on a corporate computer. Also make sure that the charts it creates will be in the current chart format so others can use the files you create.

If you are considering using a web tool to create charts, be careful. Your organization likely has a data privacy & security policy that prohibits putting confidential data on external websites. You don’t want to end up violating an important intellectual property policy by using one of these sites.

Online Excel support

I don't offer technical support so if you have a question about Excel charting or Excel in general, here are the online forums you can use to seek an answer or ask a question.

Recent articles on Excel Charts

“Torn paper” look for non-zero axis; Issue #436 April 2 2019

In my Twitter feed I saw a number of well respected data visualization experts liking a recent article by RJ Andrews for the Data Visualization Society. In it he talks about the issue of starting the axis of a graph at a value other than zero. This is a common topic...

Comparing only one value to a standard; Issue #432 February 5 2019

When you want to compare values to a standard, such as comparing output in various production plants to the goal, a dashed line on a column graph is a good visual to use. The dashed line runs across the graph and it is easy to see if each column is above or below the...