Training for Virtual Presentations

All of a sudden, meetings and presentations went virtual, mostly on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The reality is, virtual presentations are here to stay. I recently did a series of short videos on the future of business meetings which got picked up in the press. Your presentations will be virtual from now on, for some or all participants.

Basic skills in presenting online are not enough

Like all business professionals, you’ve made it through the beginner mistakes and are now feeling more comfortable delivering presentations online. That’s great. But the stakes are changing. Everyone else has also reached the same level of minimum competence that you have. Our online audiences are expecting more if you want to stand out.

You need Next-Level skills to stand out

Like everyone else, I moved all of my presentation training online. But I didn’t just use the same slides and approach that works in an in-person session. I re-thought everything. I developed new ways to engage participants. I discovered ways to leverage Teams and Zoom. My articles and videos on these techniques have exploded in popularity as everyone is looking to get better delivering presentations online.

I am offering a new course via Teams or Zoom: Next-Level Virtual Presenting.

Here’s what next-level virtual presenting looks like.

This course combines 3 hours of live instruction with extensive written and video resources on how to implement the techniques you saw in the live session. This is not basic training like: don’t aim the camera up your nose, don’t sit in front of a bright window, mute your mic when the dog is barking, or the default method of sharing your slides.

See the techniques, then learn the “how to” at your own pace

The live session allows me to show you all of the techniques you can use when you take your online presenting to the next level. You get an opportunity to discuss how ideas could be implemented in your situation. Then you dive into the online content to get the step-by-step instructions for incorporating the techniques in your own presentations. The live session shows you what you can do and we discuss why you may want to use it, which is best done in a small group setting. The online content shows you how to implement it.

You won’t be moving into breakout rooms to discuss ideas or practice presenting. I assume you know the basics and are an experienced business professional who has delivered dozens of presentations. This is for people who want to know what’s possible so they can take their online presentations to the next level.

Learn many ways to engage those attending the presentation

You’ll get to experience techniques that engage participants, like the ones you see in this video.

Techniques that participants will use

Here’s me using the techniques during a live virtual session and the reaction of the client.

Small group & the platform you use

I keep the sessions limited to eight participants so we can discuss your specific situation and give you ideas you can’t wait to implement. The session uses either Teams or Zoom so you aren’t hearing about techniques that aren’t available on your platform.

What you will see and learn

Here’s what is covered:

  • Creating more effective visual content like graphs, diagrams, timelines, and visual organization of text points
  • Using images and icons on slides
  • Engaging participants by building slides piece by piece and using movie-like animation
  • Including YouTube video clips
  • Using polls that include text or images
  • Incorporating live content from other sources, like documents, spreadsheets, and websites
  • Effectively using the chat feature to keep participants engaged
  • Create PDF documents and executive summary videos for those attending in person and those looking at the material later
  • Options for sharing slides that allow you to have more control of what the participants see
  • Bringing the focus to you instead of the slides
  • and more

Check out the entire curriculum here.

You can email me to book a session for your team or attend a public session (see the schedule below).

Public session schedule

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