PowerPoint Effectiveness Assessment

How do you know if you follow best practices for creating effective PowerPoint presentations?

How do you know if you have all the necessary skills for creating and delivering PowerPoint presentations that get results?

How do you know if your team has the necessary skills for sales, financial, technical, or executive PowerPoint presentations?

The answer is unfortunately, you don’t know.

Most presenters don’t have much or any formal training in presenting with PowerPoint. Most users of PowerPoint have learned as they went along, with maybe a few pointers from friends or colleagues once in a while. Even if you have taken courses, the course was probably all about the software and every esoteric command you will never use.

Now, for the first time, you can benchmark yourself against proven best practices and the skills needed to create and deliver effective PowerPoint presentations.  My name is Dave Paradi and I am the author of nine books in this area, including ones that are used at top MBA schools.  I have spent years developing my expertise in this area and am considered one of the thought leaders by corporations and academics.

I have taken my years of work and created online assessments that will check 30 best practices for effective PowerPoint presentations and 85 specific PowerPoint skills.  The assessments only take 7-10 minutes each to complete and then you receive a personalized report listing the areas you are doing well in and those you need to work on.  Using these reports, you will be able to target your learning and improve your presentation ability quickly by focusing on those areas of greatest need.

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