Payment Policy

I try to make it easy for you to pay for customized workshops and consulting and for me to receive your payments.

All charges are billed in US dollars except for workshops done in Canada, which are billed in Canadian dollars and subject to HST/GST/PST.

The preferred payment method is direct deposit or ACH. I have bank accounts in both the US and Canada and am happy to provide the necessary information so payments can be sent directly to the bank account.

If you want to pay by credit card, there will be a 4% processing fee added on to the quoted or agreed to amount. The total amount will be invoiced through PayPal which will allow you to securely use a credit card to pay the amount.

I do accept cheques mailed to my address and find that this is an increasingly rare occurrence since the electronic methods are quicker and more secure.

For products, the prices quoted are in US dollars and payments are processed through the product purchasing system, whether that is Gumroad, Amazon, or another service.