Issue #9 June 18 2002

1. Moving objects a small amount in a document

In order to make drawing objects like lines and boxes line up in Word or PowerPoint, I usually set the Snap to Grid option on so that everything aligns. The only problem is that sometimes I want to move an object just a small distance, not a full grid movement. To move an object a distance less than a grid step, select the object (making sure that the four arrows symbol is shown) and use a Ctrl-arrow key combination – hold down the Contrl key (Ctrl on most keyboards) and use the arrow keys to move the object a small distance. This works for lines, boxes, pictures and text boxes.

2. Power protection on the road

When I travel, I never know the quality of the power that I will get from a hotel room power outlet or a meeting room outlet. I always carry my own surge protected power bar for this reason. If a power surge or spike comes down the line, my equipment is protected and I avoid major trouble. I once had a power snap happen in the middle of a workshop and I knew that once the power came back on, my equipment could be powered up safely because I had plugged in my own power bar. I prefer a power bar over a laptop power plug device because it also gives protection to my data projector or other devices.

3. Useful Resource –

This web site is primarily for those who wish to deliver training courses on applications software such as Word, Excel, etc. The great benefit to everyone, even if you don’t plan to do that type of work, is that they offer demo copies of quick tip summary sheets for many software packages that we use. These can be printed and used for your own personal use only. I have found their reference sheet for HTML useful in some programming for my web site.