One of the messages you may want to communicate in a presentation is a length of time measured in minutes or seconds. It may be the time it takes for a step in a process, it may be the time it takes for processing a request, or the goal for answering customer service calls. While you can state the time using a number on a slide, it can be more impactful to create a visual like this:

Whenever you create a visual that represents a clock, whether it represents 60 minutes or 60 seconds, it is important to make it accurate. One of the best ways to ensure accuracy is to use a graph because it allows you to control the size of each segment precisely. The visual above is created by using a pie chart and a donut chart. I created a video that shows you how it was done.

(If playing video above does not work, the video is at

The next time you have to communicate a message that involves seconds in a minute or minutes in an hour, consider showing it visually using graphs.