1. Best Tips of the Year

Here are the tips that I got the most comments on during the year (if the links listed don't work when you click on them, just paste them into your browser):

* PowerPoint shortcut keys Issue 1, Feb 26, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_feb_26_2002.htm

* Controlling line breaks in PowerPoint Issue 5, April 23, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_apr_23_2002.htm

* Paste vs. Paste Special Issue 7, May 21, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_may_21_2002.htm

* Power of Right-Clicking Issues 11 & 12, July 16 & 30, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_jul_16_2002.htm http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_jul_30_2002.htm

* Screen capture Issue 14, August 27, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_aug_27_2002.htm

* Outlook vs. Outlook Express Issue 18, October 22, 2002 http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/newsletter/newsletter_oct_22_2002.htm
2. Next Issue

According to the bi-weekly schedule of this newsletter, the next newsletter would be scheduled to be issued on Dec 31st. But I am taking a break over the holidays, so the next issue will be out on January 7, 2003 and we will then resume our bi-weekly schedule. Until our next issue, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great start to 2003!

3. Book Discount and Contest

Last week I let you know about the release of my book and a special discount and contest for subscribers. If you order an electronic copy of the book before the end of the year, I will give you a 20% discount to the regular price - $28 instead of $35 (all figures U.S.$). On top of the valuable discount, for all of those who order before Dec 31st, I will select one order and that person will receive their book order for free! Just e- mail me your order today and get a chance to win your book for free. For more information on the book, click the link below. http://www.communicateusingtechnology.com/Pres_Career_Limiting.htm (if the above link does not work, paste the entire address into your browser)