Calculators for Visuals

I have created a number of calculators that help presenters create visuals that are not part of the standard PowerPoint or Excel graph set or require some work in order to figure out what values to use in the graphs that are included. Each of the calculators is created in Excel and I have combined them into a single Excel file so that you can easily access all the calculators. On the first worksheet you will find a link to watch videos that show you exactly how to use each calculator to create that type of visual.

Here are the calculators included in the file (each link will take you to more information about that visual and show some examples):

Waterfall Graph Calculator

Proportional Object Collection Calculator

Diverging Stacked Bar Chart Calculator

Simple Treemap Calculator

Stacked Bar Chart Breakdown Calculator

Small Multiples Column Graph/Bar Chart Calculator

Funnel Chart Calculator

Download link:

Right-click on this link and select to Save the file to your computer. Then open the file you have downloaded in Excel.