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I want your PowerPoint presentations to be more effective. On this site, you have access to: hundreds of articles on creating more effective presentations, back issues of my Presentation Tips newsletter, slide makeover videos, PowerPoint "how-to" video tutorials, tools to help select colors and fonts, solutions to common PowerPoint presentation problems, and other resources to improve your presentations.

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Articles - read articles on many different topics that will help you create more effective presentations

Newsletter - sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter and read past issues

Slide Makeover Videos - Watch videos that show "before" and "after" slides along with lessons presenters can learn

Latest Annoying PowerPoint Survey Results - the results from my latest survey on what annoys audiences about bad PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint Video Tutorials - short focused videos that show you how to use key features of PowerPoint

Color Contrast Calculator - Test the colors you have selected to ensure they will be easy for the audience to see

Font Size Charts - Select the correct size of font so that the audience will be able to read the text on your slides

Proportional Shape Comparison Diagram Calculation Tool - Creating a proportional shape comparison diagram can be difficult if you have to figure out the dimensions of the shapes yourself. This tool does the calculations for you.

PowerPoint Effectiveness Assessment - Evaluate how often you follow over 70 best practices for creating effective PowerPoint presentations and take an inventory of over 80 PowerPoint skills that top presenters should know

Solving Presentation/PowerPoint Problems - Get solutions to the most common problem presenters run in to when setting up and delivering their presentation