Virtual Presentation Academy

Virtual presentations are here to stay. They are not a temporary flash-in-the pan poor substitute for “real” meetings. Clients, customers, colleagues, and suppliers recognize the value of virtual meetings and presentations. They want them to continue even when offices are fully open.

If you are a business or sales professional who recognizes this reality and knows excellent virtual presentations are vital to your success, the Virtual Presentation Academy is for you. This community of people knows that they must always be improving their skills in presenting virtually. You know that the basic skills you learned in 2020 aren’t going to be good enough in the future. You want to keep up with the latest techniques and knowledge without having to become a techie yourself. You want to hang out with other like-minded business professionals who want to learn from each other.

The Virtual Presentation Academy is more than an online course. It is a community. Yes, there is a library of written and video resources that will teach you the skills you need to improve your virtual presentations and meetings. It is organized by key topic area and has in-depth content that you would expect in an expert-level course. But you don’t have to follow lessons in order, you pick and choose what you need at the moment.

When you join the Virtual Presentation Academy you join a community who is constantly learning. There are four annual office hours where I will share the latest developments and techniques and answer your questions. There is a discussion forum where you can share tips you’ve discovered, ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from others who also know that excellent virtual presentations are a competitive advantage. I’ll regularly be dropping into the discussions to share as well.

You’ve probably seen my articles and YouTube videos on virtual presenting. They’ve been viewed over 3.5 million times and liked over 14,000 times on YouTube. The resources in the Virtual Presentation Academy go way beyond what I share on my website and YouTube (yes, I include my videos (without ads of course) and link to my articles so you have all that content as well). I’ve included more insights than I have time to share in my customized training sessions with clients. I’ve written new articles, created new videos, and extracted video clips from training sessions.

The resources alone would be considered a masterclass in virtual presenting. Add the four annual office hours and the discussion forum and you have an unbeatable combination that will keep you ahead of the competition.

I will only open up access to the Virtual Presentation Academy twice each year for a limited number of people. Why? So we can have the intimate discussions and sharing that a small group allows.

Once you are in, you are in for life. The technology changes regularly and the techniques change regularly so limiting you to a set period of time doesn’t help you stay at the top of your game.

There is a one-time cost to join. There is no monthly or annual fee after that. Why not? Because it makes it easier for you and for me. I like easy and I think you do too. It also means that the entry fee will be at a level that only serious presenters will see as a high ROI investment in their future.

I am planning to open the doors for the first cohort in late 2022 or early 2023. I will let the waitlist know first and give them an opportunity to join before I open the opportunity to the general public. To get on the waitlist, click here. If you identify with what you’ve read so far, add your name to the waitlist and I’ll send you more details when we get closer to opening the doors.

I look forward to seeing you inside the Virtual Presentation Academy.