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The basic skills you and your team learned to share PowerPoint slides on Zoom or Teams won’t be enough in the future. You need to get better because virtual and hybrid meetings will be a significant part of professional life from now on. Here’s what your presentations can look like:

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Here’s what attendees of my virtual courses have said:

“I started implementing the lessons into my slides from the very first session. I was happy with the results but was blown away by the compliments I received from my peers who noticed my slides and really liked them!”

“This is one of the best courses I have ever attended!! I was really looking forward to it based on the preliminary info that was shared with us, and you did not disappoint! Everything you covered is excellent information and so applicable to our jobs. And as you said, extremely useful info not covered in “school”. Again, really excited to start using many of these techniques, and also video presentation options at work. Thank you again!!”

“Great content and approach Dave. I liked the amount of thought and effort that went behind presenting every single detail on slide design and financial data visualization. Very informative & power-packed session!”

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