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Here’s what attendees at my workshops have said about the experience:

I found the non-standard graphs (ie.  proportional shapes, treemap) to be very useful. I think these can tell a very powerful story on some of the metrics we measure.

Rob H.

Sr. Financial Analyst, Telecommunications Company

I will be able to create better PowerPoint presentations and communicate my ideas more effectively. Take a less is more approach: less clutter, more useful information to get the point across.

Cristen B.

Analyst, Distributor

Without a doubt, the best training I have ever been a part of and I am thankful for the opportunity. I especially liked the integration of our current slides and how Dave would present them differently. Later, he shared with us how we can duplicate them.

Andy B.

Sr. Financial Analyst, Wireless Provider

This session helped me to understand that it’s not about the complexity or an ornate design, it’s about the goal and message. Simple, clear, focused slides get the job done, often with a better outcome.

Kimberly A.

Product Manager, Health Sciences Company

The workshop provided a framework for building a presentation. It showed options for developing slides and good ideas to improve communication.

Craig M.

Team Leader, Supply Chain, Retailer

The benefit is twofold: 1) simple tricks that save a lot of time, 2) different options to present the data – simple tools for impressive visuals.

Lina L.

Sr. Analyst, Manufacturer


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