Create effective PowerPoint presentations the audience will understand

Customized training to turn confusing, overloaded PowerPoint presentations into ones with a clear message, focused content, and effective visuals

Your current presentations

Slides overloaded with text and spreadsheets, unclear message or story

Slides overloaded with text and spreadsheets
Unclear message/story leading to confusion

What your presentations can be

Clear message or story, focused content, effective visuals

A clear message and story
Focused content with easy access to backup details
Effective slides with a headline and clear visual


How my customized training workshops are different:

1. This is not a standard course that is the same regardless of your individual needs. I review 8-12 presentations from the participants to understand what topics and content they cover in presentations. Then I customize the workshop for the type of content your team presents.

2. Customized slide makeovers are integral to every workshop. I select slides from the sample presentations and prepare makeovers so they can see how the ideas apply to the types of information they have to present. This is always the highlight of the workshop because the participants see how the ideas apply to the exact content they have to present.

3. I don't teach presentation skills like how to stand, gesture, or breathe. I don't teach "every feature" basic PowerPoint courses. I don't teach design and graphics principles. I teach business professionals how to create a PowerPoint presentation that has a clear message, focused content, and effective visuals.

4. Your staff are learning from a true expert. I am one of fifteen people in North America to be currently recognized by Microsoft with the Most Valuable Professional Award for my contributions to the PowerPoint and Excel communities. I have written nine books on the subject of effective presentations. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA, so I can understand the details of your presentations and the communication challenges of business professionals. When you hire me, you get the expert at the front of the room, not someone who is reading an instructor's manual.

5. Participants receive a detailed handout of what I cover so they can take notes on how to apply the ideas to their own situation. They also receive all the slide makeovers I show in PowerPoint format after the workshop so they can examine them and use them to build their own slides. I also send an email with links to other resources the participants can use to further their learning after the session, including links to unlisted playlists of video tutorials on creating effective graphs and visuals in Excel and PowerPoint.

Participants walk out with a new expectation of what an effective PowerPoint presentation looks like and many practical ideas they can apply immediately to improve their presentations. My clients tell me that no one does what I do. Read more about my workshops and then e-mail me or call me at 905-510-4911 so we can discuss how a customized training workshop can help your team.

Here's what attendees at my workshops have said about the experience:

I found the non-standard graphs (ie.  proportional shapes, treemap) to be very useful. I think these can tell a very powerful story on some of the metrics we measure.

Rob H.

Sr. Financial Analyst, Telecommunications Company

I will be able to create better PowerPoint presentations and communicate my ideas more effectively. Take a less is more approach: less clutter, more useful information to get the point across.

Cristen B.

Analyst, Distributor

Without a doubt, the best training I have ever been a part of and I am thankful for the opportunity. I especially liked the integration of our current slides and how Dave would present them differently. Later, he shared with us how we can duplicate them.

Andy B.

Sr. Financial Analyst, Wireless Provider

This session helped me to understand that it's not about the complexity or an ornate design, it's about the goal and message. Simple, clear, focused slides get the job done, often with a better outcome.

Kimberly A.

Product Manager, Health Sciences Company

The workshop provided a framework for building a presentation. It showed options for developing slides and good ideas to improve communication.

Craig M.

Team Leader, Supply Chain, Retailer

The benefit is twofold: 1) simple tricks that save a lot of time, 2) different options to present the data - simple tools for impressive visuals.

Lina L.

Sr. Analyst, Manufacturer