Issue #15 September 10, 2002

1. Keeping E-mails organized

Have you ever tried to find all the e-mails on a particular project or from a key client. You search through your Inbox and it seems impossible. One way to make it easier to find e-mails on a certain topic is to organize your e-mails in folders. This is almost identical to how we organize files on our hard drive into folders. Simply create a folder for each project, client, location or whatever logical organization works for your situation. When you have finished reading an e-mail or responding to it, simply move it to the appropriate folder. You can also move e-mails that you have sent to the folder so you have a record of your replies as well. You can even set up sub-folders under a folder for clearer organization (I have a folder called Clients and then a sub-folder underneath for each client). When your e-mail program displays these folders, you can use the collapse/expand box to show all the sub-folders or hide them all.

2. Adjust brightness of pictures for data projectors

If you include pictures in your presentations slides and they will be shown using a data projector, remember to check how the picture looks through the data projector. Depending on the room lighting and the brightness of the bulb, I have found many pictures appear much darker when displayed through a data projector than what they look like on the computer screen. You may need to adjust the brightness of the picture to make it look good when displayed. To do this in PowerPoint, right click the picture and select Format Picture on the pop-up menu. Then select the Picture tab. In the Image Control section, increase the Brightness setting to above 50% (the default). You won’t need to increase it very much or it will start to wash out the details shown in the picture. I usually find a setting of 55-65% to be sufficient.

3. Useful Resource – CD Training Product

Have you been wondering if your presentation slides are as effective as they could be? Wonder no more. Last month I launched my first CD product – the Build & Deliver Effective Presentation Slides CD Training Product. This is a PowerPoint presentation with my voice narrating the learning – it is like being at one of my presentations except you get to review the material whenever you want. The beauty is that you get to hear what I am talking about and see it demonstrated on the screen. This is a great product for anyone planning a conference to send to their speakers as a pre-conference speakers gift, instead of another plaque or travel bag after the presentation. It is also a good way for those of you who are a manager, supervisor, salesperson, professional or someone who supports these people to increase the impact that your message has on your audience. If this sounds good, click over to the web site Learning Tools page to check it out and place your order: