Color Contrast Calculator

This calculator will determine whether two colors you are thinking of using on your slides have enough contrast to be seen clearly by the audience.  The calculations are based on international standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) detailed here.  There are two tests, a color brightness test and a color difference test.  Both tests should be passed in order to ensure that the colors you are using on your slides will be easily seen.

How To Use the Calculator
In the form below, enter the background color red, green and blue attributes and the text/foreground color red, green and blue attributes.  The text/foreground color could also be a color you are considering for lines or shapes on the slide.  You can find the red, green and blue attributes of a color by clicking on the Custom tab when you are picking colors, or watch the short video below for a demonstration of how to find these values in PowerPoint. When you are done, the sample will update to show you the colors you have entered and you will see the results of the tests.  The results give you a Pass or Fail rating as well as the value of that test so that you can compare it to the standard. If your colors do not pass the tests, see the suggestions below.