Issue #99 December 13, 2005

PPT – Saving Slides as Pictures

Sometimes we get a PowerPoint slide show from a friend or colleague and it contains a full slide sized photo that we would love to use on one of our slides or as a graphic for another purpose. If we get permission to use it (you always need to have permission to use an image before using it), the next chore is to save the picture as a graphic file so we can import it on to our slide. You can do this in a couple of different ways. First, you can save the slide as a JPG using the File -> Save As command and selecting the JPG file type in the Save As Type drop down list. This saves the current slide or all slides as JPG graphic files which you can then import or use elsewhere. Another choice is to copy the graphic and paste it into a graphic program. To do this, make sure the slide thumbnails are showing in the Slide/Outline pane usually on the left of your screen (if you see the Outline view, click on the Slides tab at the top of that pane). Right click on the slide you want to save as a graphic and click on Copy in the sub-menu that appears. Now switch to a graphics program, like Paint that comes as part of Windows, and Paste the graphic. If the slide thumbnails are too small, you can increase the size in the Slide/Outline pane by first clicking on the slide in the Slide/Outline pane. Then click on View -> Zoom and select a larger percentage (I find 75% or 100% usually is big enough). Of course, you could go through trying to select the graphic as part of the slide and copying it, but many times what we see is actually a combination of graphic images layered on each other and the above methods work much easier.