Issue #87 June 28, 2005

1. PPT – Feedback Forms

If you do presentations that include a feedback form or other paper that you want returned after the presentation, don’t include it as the last page of your handout. In the past, I have had my feedback form copied as part of my handout. The form was stapled to the rest of the handout as a single package. What inevitably happened was that a number of people would turn the entire handout over and take notes on the back of the handout. Which was actually the back of the feedback form. So when it came time to fill out the feedback form, they would not fill it out because they wanted to keep the notes they had made. Now I always have a separate feedback form so it gets returned at the end of the seminar. If you have forms such as employee benefit forms, project feedback forms or sales followup forms, ensure that they are separate from any other handouts you give so that you get the forms back at the end of your presentation.

2. Word Print Layout View In Microsoft Word, I find it valuable to always work in a view that shows me what it will look like when the page is printed. This way, I can make sure that my text is properly aligned with page borders and any graphics are positioned as intended. I find many documents sent to me are not prepared this way because when I look at the Print Preview, the page doesn’t look like it should. By using the Print Layout view in Word, you can avoid having to always look at the Print Preview to see what your page will look like when printed. To switch to the Page Layout view, click View -> Print Layout. Now you will see the page in white on a grey background and your text and graphics as they will appear when printed.

3. Useful Resource – Missing DLL files

If you get an error when starting a program that indicates a missing or corrupt DLL file, there is a web site that help. At, you can search for and download most of the files that you need. They are in zip format and you can unzip them using the built-in tools in Windows XP instead of the unzip tool they suggest. Keep this site handy for future problems you may run in to.