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As organizations start to return to offices in North America and around the world, business professionals are about to face another huge change in the way they work. In March 2020 everyone rapidly switch from in-person meetings and presentations to virtual meetings on Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet, and other platforms.

With more people now returning to offices things won’t go back to the way they were in 2019. Not soon and perhaps never. For the foreseeable future, hybrid meetings, where some attendees are in the room and some attendees are virtual will be the norm. I started talking about this in a series of videos in May 2020.

These virtual attendees won’t have the same expectation as they did in the past when all that was available was to dial in to a speakerphone in the middle of the table. They expect to fully participate, seeing everyone in the room and those attending virtually. They expect to see any content that is shared clearly on their screen. They expect those in the room to be able to see and hear them when they contribute.

Many organizations have started to plan for this new reality by investigating and starting to install room systems in their meeting rooms. Teams and Zoom room systems are in high demand. But they are not cheap. And they aren’t easy to install and configure. Many meetings won’t be held in rooms that have these systems.

Presenters need to be prepared for many different room scenarios. They need to be aware that delivering a hybrid presentation won’t be like the in-room presentations of the past and it will be different than the virtual only presentations of the recent past. Presenters will have to add to the skills they learned for virtual presentations (see EffectiveVirtualPresentations.com for all of my articles and videos on virtual presenting).

Below you will find links to the articles and resources I have developed to help business professionals navigate the world of hybrid meetings and presentations. I’ll update the resources as things change and add new content as new options become available.

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By Dave Paradi

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