Amazing pre-made animation effects; Issue #244 September 13, 2011

PowerPoint Tip: Amazing pre-made animation effects

At the end of this week I’ll be travelling to the Presentation Summit in Austin, Texas. It is the only gathering of presentation professionals and I look forward to seeing all of my colleagues and learning about the work they have been doing in the past year. One of the people that always gets a lot of attention is Julie Terberg, a presentation designer from Michigan. Her makeovers session is always packed and she has our jaws dropping at what can be done with PowerPoint.

A couple of years ago she showed us some templates she was working on for Microsoft. She was designing more than just a look and feel template. This was a template that showed you how to create a certain effect using the drawing tools and animation effects in PowerPoint. We were amazed at what we saw and were looking forward to these templates being available for everyone to use.

I had forgotten about this until recently when someone asked if there was a way to create a slide that made it look like the page of a book was flipping over from right to left. I recalled that this was one of the effects that Julie showed during her session. All of her templates are now available online for you to use, but Microsoft hasn’t made a big deal of them so far.

To see these pre-made animation effect templates, go to this link. The collection is on the Microsoft Office site in the Templates section and is not easy to find. The collection is called Example slide effects with instructions, but the search function doesn’t do a good job of finding the collection all as one. The link above takes you to the category listing. You can also see the listing of templates for PowerPoint 2010 through the support section of the Office site here.

These templates have the examples for you to see and use. They also have instructions in the Slide Notes section below the slides that tell you how to customize the slide and even how to create it from scratch yourself. If you are looking to take your slides to the next level, check out these free templates. And if you want to see Julie work her magic live, join me at the Presentation Summit at the end of the week in Austin; all the details are at