Presentation Consulting

“How can I improve this slide?” service

As a business professional who prepares slides for executive presentations you know how important it is to have slides that effectively communicate the message.

Maybe you’re struggling with one important slide. It is one you use in almost every presentation or maybe it is one that you have to create multiple times for each region or product line. You know it could be better but you’re not sure how, even though you’ve tried a few times to make it better.

You don’t want it to be “pretty” so a designer isn’t the resource to turn to. You want a business professional who understands your context and how to create an effective visual that communicates the message.

And you want to be able to update the slide in the future on your own without having to pay them to do it each month. So it needs to be created in Excel and PowerPoint, the tools you already have.

That’s where my “How can I improve this slide?” service can help.

Here’s how it works.

You remove any confidential or sensitive information from the slide and replace actual numbers with fake numbers. This way we don’t need an NDA to work on the slide. The less paperwork and involvement from lawyers the better.

You send me the slide and some background such as who is this slide presented to, what message are you trying to communicate with this slide, what is working on the slide, and what is not working on the slide.

We meet virtually for 45 minutes on Teams or Zoom. You and I, not a whole team of people on the call; this isn’t a group training program. I give you ideas to improve the slide and show you how I created the new visuals in Excel and PowerPoint. I record the entire session.

After the session I send you the improved slide and you can view a recording of our session for 30 days using a private link.

Here’s an example of improving a typical table of numbers slide and using three visuals to communicate the three messages in the numbers.

Payment is by credit card a minimum of 24 hours before the session. No invoicing your company or going through the purchasing process. I don’t care whether it is a corporate card or personal card, that’s for you to decide.

The cost is $500.00 USD (plus taxes if applicable).

If that sounds expensive for one slide, obviously this isn’t a good fit for your situation. The people I want to work with know that this is a bargain because the improvement in an important slide and learning how to update the slide in the future is worth way more than what I’m asking them to pay. You’ll know pretty easily which group you are in.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, email me and we can discuss when I can fit it into my schedule.

If you’re looking for a designer to improve a deck, that’s not what I do so don’t bother contacting me. Instead, contact one of these designers I recommend: Rebecca Renner of Creative Minds Inc., Echo Swinford of Echo’s Voice, Sandy Johnson of The Wiz Presentation Experts, or Nolan Haims of Nolan Haims Creative.  If you need help with a presentation in French, contact Chantal Bosse of Chabos Inc. If you want to create an Academy Award level presentation, contact the team at Duarte Design (they created Al Gore’s award winning “An Inconvenient Truth” presentation).  When contacting any of these excellent designers, let them know Dave Paradi recommended that you contact them.