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PowerPoint Presentation Consulting Services to Create an Effective Presentation that Gets Results

Update October 2015: I am not taking any new consulting clients at this time. Please see the list of recommended presentation designers at the bottom of this page.

You have an important presentation coming up to a prospect, client, Board of Directors, shareholders, or employee group.  You need the presentation to communicate your key points clearly.  You want the audience to understand it immediately and take action.  And you need help on how to structure the message and create PowerPoint visuals that have impact.  I’m here to help you succeed.

“I came to Dave for help with my key sales presentation after a designer I’ve used in the past wasn’t able to help me with the message of the presentation. A lot of people can make the slides and make them look good, but there are not many people who are helpful with the structure of the presentation the way Dave was.  He created a PowerPoint presentation from a salesman’s standpoint as opposed to a graphic artist standpoint.  He organized the structure of the presentation in a format that gets across the salient points and drives the sale, then suggested visuals that communicate the message to my audience.  If you want someone to help you with the structure of your message as well as the visuals that support that message, read this page to see if Dave is a good fit for you, and then call him.”
Erick Ormsby, CEO, Alcosta Capital Management

My background is in business.  I have an MBA and spent over ten years in the corporate world.  For the last twelve years I have been working with executives, business owners, and their staff to create persuasive PowerPoint presentations.  Clients hire me because I understand their situation and can help them craft a message and visuals that work.  I am not a designer who will only make your existing slides look better through graphic techniques.  If that’s what you need, scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of designers I recommend.

“As an Investment Advisor one my jobs is to provide second opinions on investment portfolios for clients and prospects. The financial services industry provides excellent tools to do a complete and detailed portfolio analysis, however much of the data means very little to most clients and prospects.
After working with my own second opinion format for a couple of years, I often felt it was too detailed and difficult for people to understand. I knew I needed to simplify the process, but wasn’t sure where to start.
I learned about Dave Paradi via a Dan Richards interview and I immediately thought about the format I was using for a second opinion. I contacted Dave and explained my situation to him and sent him what I was using for a second opinion.
After a couple of days, Dave returned a PowerPoint presentation that essentially converted my second opinion into a visual format. The depth and breadth of work that Dave put into my second opinion presentation exceeded my expectations.
In my first presentation, I landed a $230,000 account. Dave’s work is top notch and I would certainly recommend Dave.

Bart Chatterson, Investment Advisor, Dundee Securities Corporation

I am often asked to work with professionals and executives when they need to sell ideas, products, or services to prospective clients.  I understand the sales process and have training in writing sales copy.  I can help you create a presentation that clearly communicates the benefits of your proposal so that your prospective client sees why they should select you over your competitors.

“I approached Dave to help me create a presentation to a prospective client. Dave helped me organize the presentation so we ended up talking about the client’s needs rather than all the things the agency can do. He suggested that we create case studies of actual clients to prove the results we had achieved for others, which made the presentation more effective. I had some good competition for this contract and the presentation Dave helped create got me focused on the salient points. The presentation had a good deal to do with us winning this $175,000 policy. The Client was very impressed and commented that the presentation did a very good job educating them on the topic and demonstrated that we knew what we were doing. Dave also helped me see how photos, testimonials, and videos from my iPhone can add to the effectiveness of a presentation and I am planning to add these to my presentation in the future.”
Bruce MacKenzie, Owner, MacKenzie & Associates

We will go through a collaborative process discussing the goal of the presentation, who the audience is, what key points need to be made, what visuals will best support the key points, how the slides will be delivered, and what handout material should accompany your presentation.  I have experience designing and delivering both live and web based presentations, so I can work with your situation from a position of experience.  For many of our meetings where we review documents or PowerPoint slides, we will use web meeting technology which speeds the development process because it is just like we are sitting beside each other working on the presentation.

“I’ve worked with Dave on a number of presentations to my employees, Board of Directors and funding partners.  The value for me is Dave’s ability to think through the presentation together, not his ability to create slides (although he does that very well).  He knows the impact the presentation needs to have and what outcome I want from the presentation.  He understands the different audiences for the presentation and can think at an executive level, even when we’ve had to work late due to a tight deadline.  I know he “gets” it and I trust when he is speaking to my executives and staff that he knows what we are trying to accomplish in the business.  I could never do that with someone who is just a PowerPoint slide jockey.  He’s become a trusted partner for my important presentations.
Jerry McLaughlin, President/CEO,

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If you are looking for someone to improve the design of your slides, I recommend you contact Rebecca Renner of Creative Minds Inc., Echo Swinford of Echo’s Voice, Sandy Johnson of The Wiz Presentation Experts, or Nolan Haims of Nolan Haims Creative.  If you need help with a presentation in French, contact Chantal Bosse of Chabos Inc. If you want to create an Academy Award level presentation, contact the team at Duarte Design (they created Al Gore’s award winning “An Inconvenient Truth” presentation).  When contacting any of these excellent designers, let them know Dave Paradi recommended that you contact them.