CPE / CPD Courses for Accountants

If you are an accountant or CPA looking for online continuing education that is practical, will improve your skills in creating data visuals in Excel, and qualifies for your required continuing education requirements, you are in the right place.

I’ve partnered with Learn Formula, one of the leading CPE / CPD online course providers, to create short courses that are fully qualified for your continuing education requirements. Use the links below for your regulatory jurisdiction.

JurisdictionExcel Dataviz: Charts that Communicate Trends in DataExcel Dataviz: Charts that Communicate PerformanceExcel Dataviz: Charts that Communicate Variance
USTrends: USPerformance: USVariance: US
CanadaTrends: CanadaPerformance: CanadaVariance: Canada
UKTrends: UKPerformance: UKVariance: UK

These courses contain the same high-quality information that my customized training provides to corporate financial professionals in my in-house programs.