Slide Makeovers

What could your slides look like when you apply the ideas that I share? Below are the latest makeovers I have done that share a before and after look at real-world slides. I discuss my thinking and provide some lessons for presenters when faced with communicating a similar message. Below the most recent makeovers is a link to see previous makeovers. For examples of visuals that can be used to communicate financial data or analysis, see

FinancialViz Makeover: Change in sectors over time

This makeover shows how using color and the right visual helps the audience compare the change in sectors between two time periods. (this is a silent video and you can pause it to spend more time on any of the slides)

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SWD Challenge September 2018

I think makeovers of slides or visuals is a great way to see what is possible in our own presentations. If we have never seen a visual used in a certain way before, we would never think of applying it to what we present. The makeovers that I use in my custom workshops...

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Free mini-course: Presentation-Ready Excel Charts That Are Easy to Update and Re-use

Guided Self-Study Course

This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to improve their presentations but don’t have the opportunity to arrange an in-house customized session.