Issue #24 January 21, 2003

1. Picking Slide Colors

In the Oct 8, 2002 issue of this newsletter I gave some information on how to pick colors for your presentation slides. My suggested color scheme is a dark navy or purple background with yellow and white text. This color scheme has a high contrast between the background and the text color and the colors used have positive emotional associations. Now you can see an example of a slide that uses these colors. I have taken the slide on selecting colors from my Seminar on CD and put it on the web site for you to see. Check it out at:

2. Preventing Data Loss Due to Power Outage

Before the summer storm season comes, I suggest you take steps to ensure that you do not lose any data due to a sudden power outage. I recommend that you get an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in your office. This power device connects to a wall outlet and then you connect your computer, phone or other devices to the UPS. If the power from the wall is interrupted, the device has batteries that will keep your equipment running for a few minutes so that you can properly shut down the computer. Many of the devices also act as a surge protector for areas where power fluctuations are regularly observed. One of the leaders in this industry is APC ( who makes small devices for home office situations up to very large devices. When you are buying a UPS, consider how many things you want to plug into it so that you buy a UPS that will have enough outlets and enough battery power for your needs. You can find APC and other UPS devices at most electronic or office supply stores.

3. Useful Resource –

Last issue we started looking at web sites that can help presenters and here is our second one. It is the web site of ProAV magazine. It has more of an equipment focus, but it has a variety of articles available and they also offer a regular e-zine that talks about recent developments and trends in presentation and AV equipment. Even if you are not technically bent, it is still helpful to know what it coming down the pipe.