Issue #28 March 18, 2003

1. PDF File Mistakes

Many people are now creating Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) format files for all sorts of documents – from proposals, brochures, reports and even invoices. It is easy to create an Acrobat PDF format file and the great benefit is that the file can be viewed on any platform that supports Acrobat PDF, which includes Windows, Mac and Unix. Here are some common problems I have seen with these files. The most common mistake I see made is thinking that by default the file is secure – it can’t be changed. This is not true. In order to secure a PDF file, you need to set the security options from the Document Options menu. The second big mistake is in not using bookmarks. This is such a great feature. You can set jump points to specific pages in your document so the reader can jump to whatever is important to them, not necessarily what you consider important. In concert with the bookmarks is setting the open options so that the reader sees the bookmarks when they open the document and can use them right away. Finally, PDF file allow live web links within them, which is a great way to point people back to your web site. For more information on these mistakes, you can check out the article on the web site and for detailed help in solving these issues, you can buy the “Make Your E-Documents Stand Out From the Crowd” special report on the web site:

2. Changes in newer PC’s

If you use a Windows PC that is even a few years old, you need to be prepared for what you will see when you go to buy your next PC. Starting this year, manufacturers are starting to ship both laptop and desktop computers that do not have mouse, serial or parallel ports. This means that any devices you currently have such as printers, handheld synchronizing devices, mice or remote control devices that connect using these ports will have to be replaced. The current trend is to connect every device using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector or a FireWire port. This is one of the reasons that I purchased a new remote because my old one connects via the serial port. So, in the next 1-2 years, as you replace your printer and other devices, make sure you look for ones that connect via the USB port. This also means that you may have to add a USB port card to your existing computer in order to connect these newer devices.

3. Useful Resource – PowerPoint tips site

The next (and final) presentation web site resource is a great site that answers all of those detailed questions you have about PowerPoint. This is a collection of great ideas from power users of the software, not from Microsoft. If I ever have a unique problem, I go here first and have always found the answer. The URL is a little long, so here it is: If you are just starting to use PowerPoint, this site may be a bit too complex, but if you consider yourself to be an intermediate to expert user, click on over and check it out.