Issue #12 July 30 2002

1. The Power of Right-Clicking (Part 2)

When using PowerPoint, right-clicking gives you access to many options quickly. In Slide development mode, right-clicking on the background allows you to set the slide layout, color scheme and background graphics. If you right-click on a text box, you can set the font, colors and border. Right-clicking on a graphic will allow you to set the size, brightness and may allow you to change some of the colors in the graphic. On many slide objects the right-click will also allow you to set hyperlinks to other slides, files or web sites that are active if you click on the object in Slide Show mode. In Outline mode, the right-click allows you to collapse or expand the outline. In Slide Show mode, right- clicking gives you a menu that allows you to go to any slide in the show, hide the pointer and see speaker notes. Explore what other efficiencies you can find by right- clicking in your applications.

2. When Should You Upgrade Software?

One of the questions I get often is how do I know when to upgrade my software applications or operating system? This is an important question as any upgrade can be expensive not only in the cost of the software, but also the time it takes to install it, the time and cost to convert files to the new format, the time it takes to learn the new features, the cost of other hardware or software required for it to work and the cost of incompatibility with colleagues. In response to a query I recently wrote and article on this topic giving you some of the criteria I use in making this decision. The article is in the articles section on the web site at:

3. Useful Resource –

If you want to test creating PDF files, check out this web site. It allows you to make five PDF files for free to see how they would help your work. If you don’t want to purchase and install the software, they even offer a yearly service. For a single fee per year, you can create an unlimited number of PDF files through this web based service. For people who travel a lot or have documents on different computers that need to be converted to PDF format, this may be a good solution.