Issue #103 February 21, 2006

PowerPoint Tip – Results of Presentation Delivery Survey

Last month I conducted a survey on how presenters deliver their PowerPoint presentations. Thank you to the 250 people who participated. I have analyzed the numeric data and written comments and concluded the following. Both the numerical and written data reinforce trends that I have seen emerge over the past few years. The majority of presentations are still delivered with the presenter standing up using projected slides. But that depends on the location of the presentation and we are starting to see it change. Outside the organization, it is more likely that a presentation will be printed and delivered due to the logistical challenges and the need for personal connection, especially in sales situations. We are starting to see, and will continue to see, the growth of remote presentations. It has started for internal presentations, but will grow to also include external presentations as the cost of bringing people together grows (hence the new web-based training service I introduced above). This will become a more important consideration for presenters and designers. That’s why in today’s web tutorial I will be going over some of the key ideas to keep in mind when using web based presentation services or doing a remote presentation. Audiences are getting fed up with endless bulleted text slides and presenters have been put on notice. It is time for presenters to learn how to incorporate meaningful graphics and focused multimedia elements that bring the message alive and don’t distract from the presentation. It is good to see that many presenters have recognized this need and are looking for ways to incorporate more than just text. In the next few newsletters, I will be taking each of the key issues and giving specific advice that you can use. You can see all the detailed results at: