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  • Resources to nail your job interview presentation

    So many professionals have been let go recently due to financial uncertainty. Companies are laying off good people who have produced good results. This may be you or someone you know. I’ve started publishing short articles to help these folks nail the presentation portion of their job interview (presentations are becoming common as part of…… Continue reading

  • Go beyond the basic Excel charts to impress recruiters in a job interview presentation

    If you’ve recently been laid off and want to impress a recruiter or hiring manager with an effective data visual, you will want to consider going beyond the basic Excel charts that they will see from everyone else. What you show in a job interview presentation will demonstrate how effective you can communicate analysis to… Continue reading

  • Here’s how to start creating graphs in Excel to visualize data for a job interview presentation

    It doesn’t matter whether you and your team delivered good results, sometimes a cutback in staff can result in you being let go. If that’s happened to you recently you want to be prepared to show potential employers the positive impact you made at your last job. Data on key metrics is one of the… Continue reading

  • How many PowerPoint slides should you have for a job interview presentation?

    You’ve recently been laid off from your corporate job. Your job search has already landed you an interview for a new position that includes a short presentation to demonstrate your communication ability. How many slides should you prepare? You may have heard about a certain number of slides per minute. I suggest you ignore those… Continue reading

  • Use graphs instead of tables of numbers in a job interview presentation

    You and your team have delivered good results over the last few years. But due to financial uncertainty, you have been let go. Your upcoming job interview includes a short presentation where they want you to show how you can improve the results at their company. You have the numbers to prove what you and… Continue reading

  • Four tips for impressing recruiters during a Teams presentation

    You’ve recently been laid off from your corporate job in HR, operations, finance, customer service, or another area. You’ve hit the ground running and you’ve got an interview scheduled via Teams for a new position. They’ve told you they want you to prepare a ten-minute presentation to test your communication ability. Here are four ways… Continue reading

  • Three ways to use PowerPoint’s built-in content to make a job interview presentation more visual & more effective

    If you have a job interview for a position in HR, operations, finance, customer service, or another area, you may be asked to prepare a ten-minute presentation to test your communication ability. Here are three ways you can use PowerPoint’s built-in content to make your presentation more visual & more effective. Continue reading

  • Three tips to prepare for your next virtual job interview presentation

    Are you one of the thousands of professionals in HR, finance, operations, or other areas who has recently been laid off or made redundant? Do you know someone who has recently lost their job due to the current economic downturn? If you are in this situation, delivering a short virtual presentation to the recruiter and… Continue reading

  • AFP Online: 5 Ways to Visualize Data: Thanksgiving Edition

    Dave was one of the experts AFP asked to provide an example of a data visualization related to American Thanksgiving. See Dave’s example on the change in consumption of different meats on the AFP website. Continue reading

  • Have two connections to the same Teams meeting on one computer so you can see what attendees will see when sharing content

    In a recent course someone asked if there was a way to see what the attendees see when sharing PowerPoint slides or other content in a Teams meeting. One option is to have a second device with a second account connect to the Teams meeting. This is difficult if you don’t have a second device… Continue reading