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Below are the most recent articles or resources I’ve published. If you are looking for help on a specific topics, it would best to look at the topics in my Articles archive as I have grouped my recent and best articles by topic there.

  • Excel Tip: Copy Excel cells to text box table in PowerPoint to animate by row

    I often get asked how to copy a table of cells from Excel onto a PowerPoint slide and animate the table by row. The default paste of cells results in a PowerPoint table, which can’t be animated by row. In this video I show you how to paste the cells as a text box table… Continue reading Excel Tip: Copy Excel cells to text box table in PowerPoint to animate by row Continue reading

  • Use Edge Picture in picture to display your webcam beside PowerPoint slides in Teams or Zoom

    What is Picture in picture (PiP) in Edge? The Edge browser added the ability on Windows and Mac platforms to pop out compatible videos into their own window that has no browser user interface. By default it is available to anyone using the Edge browser on Windows or Mac, there is no plug-in or extension… Continue reading

  • Excel Tip: Color conditional formatting of directional indicator symbols in cells

    A financial professional in one of my courses asked if it was possible to conditionally format the color of a symbol to indicate good or poor performance. The indicator direction and color needed to be set based on the value of the cell. This video shows you how to achieve this by combining formulas and… Continue reading

  • Use a second laptop as a second screen for your primary laptop (Windows or Mac)

    A second screen is great for PowerPoint Presenter View or for being more efficient at getting work done. If you don’t have a monitor to plug into your laptop as a second screen but you have a second laptop, you can use a video capture device that costs around $25 to use the second laptop… Continue reading

  • No more “next slide please”; Share keyboard and mouse control with other presenters in Teams & Zoom

    You are part of a team that is delivering an important presentation to the executive group. Each person will present a few slides in the overall deck sharing the results in their area. When we were in person, you’d just have the next presenter come up to the front of the room and take the… Continue reading

  • Presentations at in-person meetings shouldn’t go back to the way they were before

    Now that many business professionals are returning to the office, more meetings will have everyone in a meeting room like in the past. I don’t think this should mean that presentations go back to the way they were before: the presenter standing at the front of the room beside the screen. The lessons we learned… Continue reading

  • Use Windows Magnifier to zoom in and pan around a slide or other content in a Zoom or Teams meeting

    I recently discovered a new way to present complex or dense slides in a Zoom or Teams meeting. The challenge with complex visuals is that the audience gets easily overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to look. You can’t easily use a laser pointer to direct their attention because they get distracted by the movement. If… Continue reading

  • AFP article February 25, 2022

    AFP (Association for Financial Professionals) wrote an article about the webinar I was part of discussing data visuals. I shared some tips and showed some makeovers. The response was very positive and we will be doing it again in the spring. The article summarizing the webinar is here. Continue reading

  • Force a column, bar, or line chart in Excel to start at zero

    Excel changes the starting value for the measurement axis of column, bar, and line charts based on the values being graphed. This can cause a chart to be misleading just because the data got updated. In this video I show you how to add a second invisible data series that forces Excel to always start… Continue reading

  • Should you have 2 webcams active for Zoom and Teams meetings? Here are 3 situations where you might consider this setup.

    Suggesting you consider having two webcams active during a Teams or Zoom meeting might initially sound like something only a high-end production would consider. While it may not be common, there are cases where having a second webcam active can help you deliver a more effective business or sales presentation. Here are three situations where… Continue reading