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  • Play a YouTube video in a clean browser window in Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet

    When you want to share a YouTube video in a Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet meeting and you don’t want to show the ads and rest of the YouTube default interface, the video below will show you how to create a web page that has just the YouTube video embedded in it. This allows… Continue reading Play a YouTube video in a clean browser window in Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet Continue reading

  • Which Logitech webcam is the best for a Zoom or Teams business meeting? What to consider & what I recommend

    Logitech is the leader in webcams and they offer many models. Sometimes it can be confusing to know which one you should invest in. Let me share some criteria I think you should consider when evaluating which model is best for a typical business meeting on Zoom, Teams, Webex, or Google Meet. At the end… Continue reading

  • New option to blur your video background in Zoom February 2022

    In version 5.9.3 of the Zoom client for Windows and Mac released on January 25, 2022, they have added new ways to blur the background of your video. You no longer have to go into the settings to do this. These quick options are great when you realize someone has walked into the background of… Continue reading

  • Expert Tips for Using PowerPoint Presenter View on a Mac in Teams or Zoom (1 or 2 screens)

    When you are using PowerPoint Presenter View on a Mac with either 1 or 2 screens, you can take advantage of some of the additional features to make your presentation more effective. Watch this video to learn how to use Presenter View with 1 screen on Zoom (here is the video for Teams) and read… Continue reading

  • Stop Teams repeatedly saying “You’re muted” when you are listening to a meeting and have your mic muted

    A lot of people attend Teams meetings with their mic muted. This is a good practice because it reduces the noise that is in the meeting that comes from everyone’s background environment. This is especially common for students attending class, business professionals participating in a training program, or large group “town hall” style meetings. Teams… Continue reading

  • Share slides and see notes in Keynote Presenter View/Display with one screen on a Mac in a Zoom or Google Meet meeting

    When you want to share your Keynote slides from your Mac that has only one screen, like a MacBook or iMac, and still want to see your speaking notes, here’s how you can do that in a Zoom or Google Meet meeting. These instructions apply for Keynote 11.0 or later. Set Keynote to Play In… Continue reading

  • Share full screen slides & see notes in PowerPoint Presenter View with 1 screen

    When you display your slides full screen in Slide Show mode you can actually switch to Presenter View and share the hidden Slide Show window in a virtual meeting. This way your attendees see high-res slides while you see your notes and have all the expert features of Presenter View. Below are videos that show… Continue reading

  • Use Reading View to Show PowerPoint slides on a Mac in a window instead of full screen

    (Click here for the Windows version of this article) What is Reading View Reading View is a view in PowerPoint that runs your PowerPoint Slide Show in the PowerPoint window instead of full screen on your Mac. You can resize the window to be as big or small as you want. It runs all animations… Continue reading

  • Share the Slide Show window instead of your single screen when using PowerPoint on Teams or Zoom on a Mac

    (Click here for the Windows version of this article) Why presenters share the full screen The typical approach for many presenters with one screen who want to share PowerPoint slides in a Zoom or Teams meeting is to first share their full screen. Then they start the PowerPoint Slide Show so the attendees see full… Continue reading

  • Training Sales Professionals to improve virtual presentations builds their core competencies

    According to an article by Hubspot Marketing, there are three core competencies needed for a career in sales. They say that foundational sales knowledge, communication skills, and a willingness to learn are “critical for carrying out the daily duties of a sales professional”. As more sales conversations and presentations move to the virtual model due… Continue reading