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  • Hybrid Event Lesson 1: You can run a Zoom meeting on cellular data

    This article shares one of the lessons I learned when planning and running a hybrid class reunion event in May 2022. Read the introduction and see the other lessons in this series here. Lesson The typical advice when running a virtual or hybrid meeting is to use a wired Ethernet connection if possible as it… Continue reading Hybrid Event Lesson 1: You can run a Zoom meeting on cellular data Continue reading

  • Lessons from a Hybrid Class Reunion Event – Introduction

    In 2021 I was supposed to attend my 30-year MBA reunion and like most events that year it was cancelled. Instead, the school and a team of classmates arranged a large Zoom call so we could gather virtually and see each other. We had classmates attend from many countries and it was a great time.… Continue reading

  • The Globe and Mail June 16 2022

    Dave’s article on how presenters can avoid saying “next slide please” in group presentations in Teams or Zoom was mentioned in this column by Harvey Schachter. Continue reading

  • AFP Article June 6 2022

    The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) published an article showing some of the makeovers of data heavy slides that were recently featured in a webinar I was a part of. You can see the before and after slides in the article here. The makeovers I submitted are #1, 2, 3, and 5. Continue reading

  • AFP Article May 20 2022

    AFP published an article based on a webinar I was involved in as one of the experts in creating effective financial presentations. This article focuses on the advice around storytelling and I share why I think focusing on insights is a better approach. Continue reading

  • Spring 2022 Teams Presenter mode options for video position and size beside slides

    Microsoft Teams recently introduced new options for the Presenter modes, which are the modes that position your video beside or on top of your slides or other shared content. Starting in April 2022 and rolling out over the next few months are options to change your video from the right side of your content to… Continue reading

  • Virtual Meeting Attendee Guides

    When you are attending a Zoom or Teams meeting you want to get the most from the time you invest. The guides below will help you do this. The viewing guides will help you make the most of the view you have whether there is content being shared or not. The participation guides will help… Continue reading

  • Share slides and see your notes in Presenter View if Zoom doesn’t show the “Portion of the screen” sharing option

    The problem: the Portion of the screen sharing option disappears Many presenters who have only one screen use Zoom’s “portion of the screen” sharing option to share the current slide portion of Presenter View preview so that the audience sees the slides while they see full Presenter View with their speaking notes. (I used to… Continue reading

  • Excel Tip: Copy Excel cells to text box table in PowerPoint to animate by row

    I often get asked how to copy a table of cells from Excel onto a PowerPoint slide and animate the table by row. The default paste of cells results in a PowerPoint table, which can’t be animated by row. In this video I show you how to paste the cells as a text box table… Continue reading

  • Use Edge Picture in picture to display your webcam beside PowerPoint slides in Teams or Zoom

    What is Picture in picture (PiP) in Edge? The Edge browser added the ability on Windows and Mac platforms to pop out compatible videos into their own window that has no browser user interface. By default it is available to anyone using the Edge browser on Windows or Mac, there is no plug-in or extension… Continue reading