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FinancialViz Makeover: Comparing multiple characteristics

This makeover shows how using bar charts beside each other makes it easier to compare multiple characteristics of the same items or areas. (this is a silent video and you can pause it to spend more time on any of the slides)

Showing future differences; Issue #433 February 19 2019

When we want to show the impact of a proposed change, one of the ways we can do it is to show a line graph of the current state and the proposed state with a shaded area between the two to emphasize the difference. This is much better than the default table of values...

Comparing only one value to a standard; Issue #432 February 5 2019

When you want to compare values to a standard, such as comparing output in various production plants to the goal, a dashed line on a column graph is a good visual to use. The dashed line runs across the graph and it is easy to see if each column is above or below the...