Looking for some help on how to do a specific task in PowerPoint? Don’t want to try to dig through the “help” feature or look it up in the millions of sites returned in a Google search? Don’t want an overly technical explanation that tries to teach you way more than you will ever use? Want practical “how-to” information that shows you just what you need to know?

You’ve come to the right place! On this page are tutorial videos you can download, as well as links to what I consider to be the best tutorials created by experts I trust.

I have created a number of tutorial videos that show you how to accomplish certain tasks in PowerPoint. These videos cover the important techniques you will regularly use in creating effective PowerPoint presentations. This is not a complete video training course, because most presenters will only ever use about 20% of the features of PowerPoint.

The videos are in either Windows Media Video format or MP4 format, so they play in almost any media player, including Windows Media Player. You can pause the video at any time and switch over to PowerPoint to complete your work with your new knowledge. Since you will have the video on your computer, you can review it at any time. The videos show PowerPoint 2007, since that is the most popular version today. Most of the features of PowerPoint 2010 are the same as PowerPoint 2007, so most of the videos work for that version as well.

As an example, here is the video on adding a graph to a slide and copying the data from Excel. You can download this and all the other videos below.

Right click on the download link for each video and save it to your computer. The videos are grouped by category for easier browsing. Click on the category name to expand the list of tutorials in that category. The links to tutorials by other experts is the last category. Enjoy!


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