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I use the Edge browser in Windows because I find it more resource efficient than other browsers. It also has some features that you can use to make virtual presentations more effective on any meeting platform like Zoom, Teams, Webex, or Google Meet.

The video below shows you how to:

  • capture a full web page even if you have to scroll down
  • tear off a tab in the browser into its own window so it is easier to share
  • use a countdown timer from Google for polls or breaks
  • quickly display an image by dragging it to the browser
  • view, zoom, and annotate a PDF document in the browser
  • drag the browser window on top of slides that you are sharing, and
  • open links from a slide so you can share that web page in the meeting.

With more and more content being available on the web, using a browser to share that content in virtual and hybrid meetings will be an important skill to master.