All of a sudden, children are out of school and classes have moved to an online format. This is likely unfamiliar territory for kids and their parents. Instead of practice worksheets that would be handed out in class, parents have to figure out how to support their child’s learning at home.

When our kids were in elementary school over 15 years ago, they practiced math using Math Minutes. These exercises gave them one minute to solve as many math problems on the sheet as they could. This helped them build their mental math skills.

To help our kids practice at home, I used Excel to generate practice sheets they could complete at the kitchen table each night. Using Excel allowed me to easily generate new sheets each day. Our now mid-twenties son still remembers how much these sheets helped him back then.

To help all the parents who are now having to work on math skills at home with their children during the school shutdown, I re-engineered my workbook from the past. I created a downloadable workbook that can quickly generate eleven different types of math worksheets to practice all four math operations at basic and advanced levels and the problems can be adjusted to match the skill level of every child.

Back in the day we printed out the worksheets but in the video below I offer a total of five methods you can use to make these worksheets available to your kids, including ones that allow them to use the Office programs on a phone or tablet to complete the problems.

You can check out the video below where I explain how the worksheets are built, how to quickly generate an infinite number of worksheets, and the five methods of distributing them to your kids. You can download the workbook by right-clicking on this link and saving the file to your computer.

I hope that this workbook will help you and your kids during the time that they are not in school.

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