If you are in school, a non-profit organization, or a small business, you want to use office productivity software, but may find paying for software something you can’t afford at this time. Your organization may have made this decision because they are trying to keep costs down. Many organizations and individuals decide to use the free Google Apps suite, which consists of Docs (a word processor), Sheets (spreadsheet software), and Slides (presentation software).

If you are using this suite, you won’t have nearly as many features as a professional productivity suite like Microsoft Office, but you can still create effective visuals for your presentations. In an effort to help those who use this suite, I’ve created a series of tutorial videos that show you exactly how to create different graphs, data visuals, diagrams, and text visuals using Sheets and Slides.

The YouTube playlist is at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-IegdC89jX-Qm3caI2vPcjHS6iPbuPmT. If you know teachers who use these tools in their classroom, let them know about this playlist so they can share the videos with their students.

When you are ready to move up to using PowerPoint for professional presentations, learn how to create dozens of effective visuals with my Implementation Guides.