(This is the article for a Mac. The Windows article is here.)

You can use Presenter View in PowerPoint to present in Zoom even if you only have one screen. It uses a feature that was introduced in PowerPoint a few years ago called Presenter View preview and may only be available in modern versions of PowerPoint. This allows you to see what Presenter View looks like even though you only have one screen. This method also uses a feature of Zoom that shares a portion of your screen instead of the full screen. Here’s how you do this in a Zoom meeting.

Set up your presentation for Presenter View

Make sure that the presentation is set to display in the default of full screen Slide Show. On the Slide Show ribbon, click on the Set Up Slide Show button. In the dialog box, make sure the Show type is set to “Presented by a speaker (full screen)”.

Start Presenter View Preview

In PowerPoint, press Option+Return to start Presenter View preview at the current slide. You will see Presenter View on your screen with the slide, your notes, what the next slide/build will be, and a filmstrip of slides at the bottom of the screen.

Presenter View takes up the whole screen, so you will not see the controls for your Zoom meeting. If you want your notes to be in a larger font, use the font controls at the bottom of the Notes section to make the text bigger.

Share a portion of the screen in Zoom

To return to the Zoom meeting controls, press Command+Tab to move through the open apps to select the Zoom meeting app.

In the Zoom sharing dialog, go to the Advanced tab and select the Portion of a Screen option.

You will see a green rectangle on your screen. Use the vertical dividing line in Presenter View to make the size of the current slide larger. Use the sizing handles on the green Zoom sharing rectangle so that it only shows the current slide. Do this before others arrive in the Zoom meeting room so they don’t see you adjusting the display.

Present your slides

Make sure the focus is on the Presenter View screen by clicking on the arrow button in Presenter View to check that the slides advance. Then you can use the arrow keys to advance the slides during your presentation. You have access to all of the other regular Presenter View features such as laser pointer or drawing on the slide.

When you are done the presentation, stop sharing the portion of your screen in Zoom.


This video demonstrates this option.