Use a 2nd laptop as a cheater monitor to see PowerPoint slides & speaker notes (in-person & hybrid)

When presenting in person or in a hybrid meeting you will typically connect your laptop to the screen in the room and use Presenter View to show the slides on the screen and see your notes on your laptop. When you are standing to present you may find that the speaker notes are too small on your laptop screen. You can increase the font size but then you have to scroll in the notes section to be able to see all the notes. The video below shows you how to use a second laptop to be a “cheater” monitor. You can see your slides large on the cheater monitor and see your notes in large font on your presentation laptop.

This approach is also helpful if you will need to move your cursor onto the screen in the room. It is hard to control the cursor when looking behind you at the screen. The cheater monitor is a duplicate of what is shown on the screen so it is much easier to control the cursor on the cheater monitor.

Here are links to the equipment I use in the video:

HDMI splitter device:

Video capture card: (if that one is out of stock, try this one or this one)

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter:

To see the video that shows you how to use a second laptop (Windows or Mac) as a second monitor for your primary laptop, watch this video:

By Dave Paradi

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