Accountants often use PowerPoint to present financial data to peers, executives, suppliers, and others. It is critical that others understand the impact of the financial analysis so that decisions can be made and the bottom line positively impacted. Unfortunately, too often the barrage of numbers is overwhelming to the audience and they leave confused. This session will show participants a different approach to financial presentations – make it about the message, not the numbers.


This seminar is designed for professionals who use PowerPoint to communicate financial information to others.


Audiences want financial professionals to tell them the story behind the numbers, not overwhelm them with spreadsheets. Participants will learn how to create a structured message with focused content and effective visuals. Many examples from real presentations will be used to demonstrate the ideas.


  • avoid the mistakes audiences say annoys them about financial presentations
  • plan your message with a structure that makes it easy to understand
  • reduce information overload using five specific strategies
  • make wise decisions on slide design elements within the boundaries of your corporate template
  • use a decision based approach to selecting the best visual for each message
  • understand the advantages & disadvantages of different ways to use data from Excel in PowerPoint


“Well presented with many useful takeaways that you can use.” “Very good and useful.” “Excellent seminar. Instructor was informative, knowledgeable, and engaging.” “The presentation is well prepared and organized. The material is practical and very useful.”

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