Use a 2nd laptop as a cheater monitor to see PowerPoint slides & speaker notes (in-person & hybrid)

When presenting in person or in a hybrid meeting you will typically connect your laptop to the screen in the room and use Presenter View to show the slides on the screen and see your notes on your laptop. When you are standing to present you may find that the speaker notes are too small…

Hybrid Event Lesson 2: Give the meeting as many resources and as much bandwidth as possible

This article shares one of the lessons I learned when planning and running a hybrid class reunion event in May 2022. Read the introduction and see the other lessons in this series here. Lesson When you are running a virtual meeting on Zoom (or any other platform) you want the best quality video and audio…

The Globe and Mail June 16 2022

Dave’s article on how presenters can avoid saying “next slide please” in group presentations in Teams or Zoom was mentioned in this column by Harvey Schachter.

AFP Article June 6 2022

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) published an article showing some of the makeovers of data heavy slides that were recently featured in a webinar I was a part of. You can see the before and after slides in the article here. The makeovers I submitted are #1, 2, 3, and 5.

AFP Article May 20 2022

AFP published an article based on a webinar I was involved in as one of the experts in creating effective financial presentations. This article focuses on the advice around storytelling and I share why I think focusing on insights is a better approach.

CPA BC In Focus magazine May/June 2022

The CPA BC In Focus magazine highlighted Dave as one of their Professional Development experts in their regular Lifelong Learning article. Dave’s “Five Tips for Creating Effective Data Visuals” is on pages 42 & 43 of the issue.