Video previews of Dave presenting

Want to see what Dave’s customized workshop will look like when he presents to your group? Watch the previews below to find out. This is raw footage, so you see exactly what you will be getting.

In this segment at the start of a session, Dave explains the three stages most presenters go through when using PowerPoint and how we need to distinguish the tool from the output.

In this video segment Dave gives a summary of his GPS approach.

In this segment Dave explains how presentations become “boring” to audiences.

In this video Dave explains how spreadsheets on slides cause problems for business presenters, why business professionals put spreadsheets on slides, and his approach to making financial information more visual.

In this segment Dave explains how writing headlines for your slides makes it easier to present.

In this segment Dave shares an example of an Executive Summary slide built using text in shapes, proving that any business professional can create visually effective slides without being a designer.

In this video Dave demonstrates how to break a complex image or diagram into pieces so you can build the pieces one-by-one on a slide and make it easier for the audience to follow your explanation. This is an example of the practical techniques Dave teaches in the hands-on portion of his sessions.

Since most presenters create graphs in Excel, Dave teaches participants how to create effective graphs in Excel. This video is an example of creating a graph that compares values to a standard or goal.