How to choose the right chart in Excel

How do you choose the right chart to report results or analysis? Don’t select a chart or graph just because it looks cool or pretty. In this video I share the two big issues with putting spreadsheets on slides, the three reasons business professionals put spreadsheets on slides, and introduce a structured way to identify visuals that communicate the message you want the audience to understand.

Want to learn more about selecting the right chart in Excel? The FinancialViz Message-based Data viz Chooser is a structured approach to selecting visuals for financial results and analysis. It is designed for business professionals who are skilled at their jobs and want to improve the effectiveness of their presentations by using data visuals instead of spreadsheets. It is for those who don’t want to have to learn new tools or programming languages and want to be able to use Excel and PowerPoint, the tools they are already familiar with. Click on the image below to learn more.