20TipsSalesCoverArt125Your presentations to prospects and customers are important messages that you need decision-makers and others to understand and take action on. Too often, sales presentations contain PowerPoint slides full of paragraphs and complex visuals that leave the audience confused. If your presentations aren't as clear and compelling as you want them to be, use the tips in this e-book to improve the effectiveness of your presentations. Each tip includes a “before” and “after” slide makeover example so you see exactly how the tip applies to a slide from an actual sales presentation. The tips are practical and you can apply them immediately to improve your presentations. The tips cover how to structure case studies when presenting, how an equation diagram can be a powerful opening and closing to a sales presentation, how to create effective comparison visuals, creating graphs for numerical information, time-based visuals to replace lists of dates, the best way to use images in a sales presentation, how to seamlessly link to a product brochure or spec sheet from your presentation, and much more. Purchase this e-book right now and be creating more effective sales presentations using PowerPoint today.

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