Presenting Financial Information Visually in PowerPoint – Hands-on Tools and Techniques

May 7 in Denver, CO

A focused hands-on workshop where you will turn spreadsheets, tables, and complex graphs into effective visuals for your presentations. Click here for details and registration and Watch the preview video here.

You can create effective visuals for your presentations without being a graphic designer

The site shows you 81 types of visuals, when they work best, over 240 examples from real presentations, and how you can create these effective visuals. Click here to learn how you can get started for only $10.

3 Big Mistakes professionals make when presenting financial or operational data to executives

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Slide Makeover #78: Showing trends in related series of data

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Managers and Leaders

Have you had enough of the poor presentations your group delivers? Are your sales or business development presentations not delivering the results you want? Does the audience leave confused after your financial or technical presentation? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, there is a solution. I provide training and consulting to help teams create and deliver effective PowerPoint presentations.

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Help for Presenters

Do you deliver presentations regularly? Would you like to improve your skills and deliver more effective presentations? If so, I have many books and videos you can use to become better at creating and delivering PowerPoint presentations. My resources are focused on practical advice and ideas you can use immediately.

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Free Resources

I want your PowerPoint presentations to be more effective. On this site, you have access to: hundreds of articles on creating more effective presentations, back issues of my Presentation Tips newsletter, slide makeover videos, PowerPoint “how-to” video tutorials, tools to help select colors and fonts, solutions to common PowerPoint presentation problems, and other resources to improve your presentations

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Latest Information

What makes our training and consulting different?

Typical presentation training and consulting falls into one of three areas: technical PowerPoint courses, stand up presentation skills, or designing a prettier set of slides. If those are the skills you need, that is great. But what if the issue is that your PowerPoint presentations are overloaded with information and you aren’t getting your message across effectively? In that case, technical how-to information, speaking skills, or fancy graphics won’t help you reach your goal. That’s why our training and consulting helps you craft a clear message using persuasive visuals that is easy to deliver and gets results.

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