You can create effective visuals for your presentations without being a graphic designer.

Are you a professional who presents financial, technical, operational, or other numeric information?

Do your slides usually consist of tables copied from Excel, default graphs, or lists of bullet points?

Do you wish you were familiar with a larger number of clear, compelling visuals you can create yourself so your presentations would stand out and get results?

If you have struggled with these questions, the approach I have developed is the answer you have been searching for. Many presenters would like to use great visuals, but they don’t know which ones would work best for different points they are making.

You don’t need any graphics training to create clear, compelling visuals, you need a process that will step you through the selection of the right visual for each message and give you the best practices for creating those visuals.

My name is Dave Paradi and I know the frustration you feel. Like you, I have a technical and business background, not a design background. I've been working for over 15 years on how to make the selection and creation of presentation visuals easier for professionals and managers like yourself.

In my workshops, the participants tell me that this approach is the easiest, most straightforward method they have ever seen. They will be able to start applying it right away.

Go through this SlideShare deck to see how the process works at a high level.


By summer 2015 I will be releasing a new book that uses this approach to help presenters identify the best visual to use to communicate almost any message common to business presentations. Watch my newsletter or website for details on the book launch.