Web-based Training

Completely customized live web based training option

If your team only knew how to do improve their PowerPoint visuals, they could save a ton of time and create much better presentations.  But you can't afford to send them all to a course, even for one day.  And you don't even know if the pre-packaged course will teach them the skills that they need.  What can you do?

You can arrange a highly focused, completely customized session delivered over the web that gets your team back to work quickly with new skills.  And do it for a much smaller investment than a live session.  In a 90 minute focused session your team can probably learn more than a general one day program.

"Without reservation I would recommend Dave Paradi for PowerPoint presentation training.  He was the highest rated speaker ever for a SITE (Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators) webinar. Based on the evaluations everyone found the information he presented useful and applicable to their immediate needs. Personally, he was so easy to work with, very meticulous in his preparation, and he adapted his program to our audience.  In my opinion he is the master of PowerPoint training. "  Sandy Masters, SITE

Advantages to you and your team:

  • A web based session is a more economical alternative to an in classroom session because there are no travel costs for the expert instructor or attendees and there is less time spent away from regular work tasks.
  • The web session is far better than a pre-recorded computer based training (CBT) program because it is a live session where attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and address issues which doesn't happen in a CBT program.
  • Your 90 minute session is completely customized, using your own files if you want.  This saves time because you will focus on only those tasks you need to learn.  Click here to see a full list of topics you can choose from.
  • Your group can be in different locations because the web based technology makes it so that you are looking over my shoulder at my computer no matter where you are located - different offices or even those who work remotely from home.

"Well presented information, concise & clear presentation with ample examples."

"This was a session packed full of helpful hints that I can start implementing today. Well worth the price of admission."

  • Each attendee will receive a complimentary subscription to the PowerPoint Tip newsletter so that they continue to build their skills.
  • Optional additional resources can be provided at a discount to each attendee, giving them deeper knowledge in key areas.
  • Your organization is permitted to post the 16 page e-book "25 Time Saving Tips for Using PowerPoint" on your intranet as a resource to all staff, not just the attendees to the session.
  • You can add an optional recording of the session which you can use as a refresher or to train those who could not attend the session live.
  • Your session is easy to organize and can probably be held within two to three weeks of your request.  This gives your team the training when they need it and saves a lot of wasted time (and money) when people try to figure it out themselves.
  • I provide the web based training system, so you do not have to pay for a web conference service.  It works with most systems and the system requirements are covered by most computers in use today (essentially a browser and high-speed connection are all you need).
  • The audio is provided either through a VOIP connection or a telephone conference system so attendees have a choice of how they hear the audio.

"Thank you for a great webinar today. As a college professor I have delivered lots of presentations and suffered through hundreds and hundreds of more as my students went for "Cool versus Clear" - that will be my message to them and me because I too need to say a few mea culpa's!  Thank you again - you made a difference today!"  Director of Education, SMEI

What is your investment?  Only $2,100 for a full 90 minute session.  In one focused session, you can probably get all the training you need, since no time is wasted on skills that aren't needed.  The optional recording is $249 and is delivered on CD so that team members can review it on their computer at their own pace.  Other resources such as books and e-books can be added at reduced prices.

Web sessions have been delivered for Office Depot, Sales & Marketing Executives International, Media 1, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, the Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators, NuVista Strategies and professionals from many other organizations have attended my public web sessions (full schedule and descriptions of public webinars here).

It is simple to set up.  Just click here to e-mail me.  You will decide on the specific training that needs to take place and the date and time.  Then, your team sees my computer, sees exactly how to do each task, has an opportunity to ask questions, and walks away knowing exactly how to improve their presentations.

Click here today to get started and provide your staff with just-in-time training that meets their exact needs.