Slide Makeovers

What could your slides look like when you apply the ideas that I share? Below are the latest makeovers I have done that share a before and after look at real-world slides. I discuss my thinking and provide some lessons for presenters when faced with communicating a similar message. Below the most recent makeovers is a link to see previous makeovers. For examples of visuals that can be used to communicate financial data or analysis, see

Transforming data dump slides; Slide Makeover #75

It is too easy to jump dump a ton of data on a slide and hope the audience figures out what it means. This makeover shows what can be done with a huge table of data to make it meaningful to the audience. Click here to watch the video on slideshare (home or corporate...

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Making proportions stand out; Slide Makeover #73

A pie chart is better than a data table to show proportions in data.  This makeover takes it the next step to show how a proportional diagram can be more effective than a pie chart in some situations. Click here to watch the video on YouTube  

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Revealing details in levels; Slide Makeover #72

Too often presenters overwhelm audiences with details using a spreadsheet copied on to a slide.  This makeover shows how you can reveal details in levels so the audience can follow your message easier. Click here to watch the video on YouTube  

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This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to improve their presentations but don’t have the opportunity to arrange an in-house customized session.