Resource Library Membership Information

If you are looking for a wealth of advanced level information on creating effective PowerPoint presentations, the Think Outside The Slide Member Resource Library is a great value at only $99.00 (USD). With a single payment, you will have access to:

  • hours of additional advanced tutorial videos covering topics such as shortcuts, specific graphs and diagrams, and more (see the full list below)
  • slide content resources, including over 100 pre-made slides to download
  • documents that will help you plan your presentation and your slides
  • and much more

This is one-time payment and you will have permanent access to these resources. There is no ongoing or recurring fee that will be charged.

Watch this video to see some of what you will have access to.

Click on the button below to join now. Payment is handled by the secure PayPal service, and you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase (just use the option to pay by credit card).


List of videos in the Member's Resource Library:

  • Advanced Text Formatting Techniques
  • Build a complex image piece-by-piece so it is easier to present
  • Converting objects to images that are easier to work with
  • Create a data driven Gantt chart
  • Create a Speedometer graph
  • Create a table where all the numbers line up perfectly
  • Create Grouped Item Comparison Diagrams
  • Finding and using high resolution logos
  • How to create Calendar visuals to illustrate date-based information
  • How to make text easy to read on any image
  • How to select any object on a slide no matter what level it is on
  • Insider tips to creating diagrams quickly and easily
  • Integrating Word, Excel, PDF, and other content into your presentation
  • Make the important data in a Graph stand out
  • Quickly & Easily Create a Timeline for a Visual
  • Using reveal animation to build an image piece by piece
  • Using the Freeform line tool
  • Zoom in on a portion of an image for a close up look