In my FinancialViz workshops I show business professionals how to create chart worksheet templates so that charts are easy to update and adapt automatically to the data. I also offer a number of chart worksheet templates as part of some of my online courses where I also discuss the techniques used to construct the worksheets and charts (for example, here and here).

A chart worksheet has three sections:

  1. a section for the results that are copied from or linked to cells in your analysis worksheet,
  2. the chart data table where it uses formulas and expert-level techniques to calculate the series and values necessary for the chart, and
  3. the chart, created so the formatting adjusts based on the data.

This video shows you a chart worksheet template using these three sections that makes updating the chart easier and quicker.

Some professionals have charts they need to create every week or month and would prefer to have the chart worksheet template built for them so they can focus on more important tasks. I can help if that is the direction you want to take.

We start by discussing the purpose of the chart, the context, and your needs. Based on that discussion, we agree on an initial scope for the template that I will build so that the chart communicates the insight that is important to the executives. I create the template based on the scope and deliver it to you (If you have an existing template I can revise that if possible). You test the template with real data and give me feedback on what changes are needed. Revisions are made and you end up with a template that will save you time creating that chart each week or month. If needed, I can do a short online training session for others who will be using the template.

I won’t use VBA or other programming, only the standard functions and techniques in Excel. This means you can adjust the template if needed without having to depend on a programming resource. I use Excel in Office 365 and the worksheet should work in versions of Excel including 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365.

If this sounds like a way to save yourself time and effort, email me at and we can set up a time to discuss your project.