Using Diagrams in PowerPoint to Illustrate Your Message webinar

Diagrams allow you to illustrate concepts or ideas in a way that bullet points just  can't match. You don't need specialized graphics training to create effective diagrams. This webinar will show you examples, best practices, and the insider techniques to quickly create diagrams in PowerPoint.

Graphs are a good way to make numeric information visual. But what do you do with the rest of the bullet point slides that are not numeric information? You can create diagrams. Diagrams are the best way to illustrate your point in a variety of situations. You’ve seen diagrams that make the information easy to understand, but you may be thinking that it takes a graphics background or design smarts to create those diagrams. Not at all. Once you have seen examples of diagrams that illustrate different concepts, you can adapt the ideas in your own presentations. In this one hour webinar, I’ll show you:

  • Three ways to show a process, flow or series of steps as a diagram instead of a list of numbered bullet points
  • Five diagrams that illustrate relationships so that people instantly understand your point and aren’t trying to figure out levels of sub-bullets
  • Ways of comparing options or a measured value at points in time that make it easy for you to present the information
  • Two diagrams that will show time-based information visually instead of a list of dates
  • The best practices for each type of diagram so you know how to design an effective visual for your own situation
  • Websites that you can use to find ideas for diagrams or buy pre-made diagrams
  • The key techniques in PowerPoint that will save you hours of time when creating diagrams. These tips are always the highlight of the session as you discover features of the software that no one has shown you before that make creating diagrams so much easier.

Every diagram I will show you is created in plain vanilla PowerPoint. I don’t use any graphics software, plug-ins, add-ins, or programming to create these visuals. Once you see the examples and see me demonstrate the techniques, you will be eager to get started creating your own diagrams. Purchase right now to learn how to convert those bullet points into meaningful diagrams.

It doesn’t matter which version of PowerPoint you use.  I show instructions primarily in PowerPoint 2007, but I cover PowerPoint 2003 and 2010 if there are any differences (usually they are almost identical).  I focus on the Windows versions of PowerPoint, but almost everything is very similar in the Mac versions of PowerPoint.

You may have missed the live version of this webinar, but the recording is available. You can download a WMV video file and watch it at your own pace. You can pause whenever you want to try the techniques in PowerPoint or the other tools I demonstrate.

The media have told us that the recession is over and good times are here again.  Well I know lots of people who haven’t seen that yet.  Training budgets are still cut, and people are still fearful of their jobs.  In fact, one of our friends, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, got laid off after 14 years with the organization and another friend has been out of work for over two years.  So I’m going to make this outrageously affordable for you to get.  I’m only asking you to pay $49!  That’s right, for less than fifty bucks, you get 60 minutes of rock solid useful training on the hottest trend in presentations today.

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