Using Animation to Focus the Audience, Not Annoy Them webinar

Audiences are annoyed by the swirling, twirling and flying effects that make them dizzy.  Learn how to use animation effects to focus your audience on your message and keep them glued to your presentation.

You’ve seen the annoying flying text, bouncing photos and swirling shapes.  These uses of animation effects lead some to suggest you avoid using animation altogether.  But don’t rush to blame the feature in PowerPoint when animation can be used prudently to help focus your audience and make your message have more impact.  If you’d like to become one of the savvy users of animation effects that add to the effectiveness of your presentations, join me on the one hour webinar where I’ll show you:

  • Why certain effects are annoying and which ones you should be using that enhance your presentation
  • The keys steps in building a slide one element at a time so that the audience can focus on each point you are making
  • How to animate graphs so that each set of data can be explained individually and understood easily
  • The magic of exit animation and object movement that produce effects that your audience will think came from sophisticated movie software because they are so powerful
  • How to zoom in on diagrams, photos, or other graphics so that the audience can get a macro and micro view when explaining complex topics
  • How to test the animation effects and sequence quickly and easily to speed up slide creation
  • How to print animated slides so what the audience sees in their handout is clear and easy to use no matter how many effects you have used on the slide they see

If you have been avoiding animation because you have seen it used poorly, or you have been guilty of using effects just because they are “cool”, join me on this webinar so that you can discover how appropriate use of animation can increase the effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentation.

It doesn’t matter which version of PowerPoint you use.  I show instructions primarily in PowerPoint 2007, but I cover PowerPoint 2003 and 2010 if there are any differences (usually they are almost identical).  I focus on the Windows versions of PowerPoint, but almost everything is very similar in the Mac versions of PowerPoint.

You may have missed the live version of this webinar, but the recording is available. You can download a WMV video file and watch it at your own pace. You can pause whenever you want to try the techniques in PowerPoint or the other tools I demonstrate.

The media have told us that the recession is over and good times are here again.  Well I know lots of people who haven’t seen that yet.  Training budgets are still cut, and people are still fearful of their jobs.  In fact, one of our friends, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, got laid off after 14 years with the organization and another friend has been out of work for over two years.  So I’m going to make this outrageously affordable for you to get.  I’m only asking you to pay $49!  That’s right, for less than fifty bucks, you get 60 minutes of rock solid useful training on the hottest trend in presentations today.

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