Techniques for Using Financial Data in PowerPoint webinar

Financial data is confusing if all you do is paste a huge spreadsheet on a slide. This webinar will show you the techniques in PowerPoint to create financial slides that are easier for the audience to understand.

Accountants and financial professionals have always needed to put financial data into their presentations. With an increased focus on financial information in every organization, many other professionals also need to include financial data in their presentation. It is not as simple as just copy and paste from Excel. If you’ve done that, you know it doesn’t work out the way you planned. So what techniques do you need to know in PowerPoint to make your financial data look good on slides and be easy to present? That’s what I’ll be showing you in this one hour webinar. You will learn the functions and features that will make working with financial data much easier. Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Five ways to copy Excel cells into PowerPoint. There is no one preferred method, but after you see these demonstrations, you’ll be able to select the best option each time.
  • Creating a table of figures in PowerPoint. I’ll show you two methods, and explain how knowing each one can help you create a table that looks and works exactly the way you want.
  • How to add callouts and universal indicators to a table so that the audience immediately understands what the numbers mean.
  • How to use financial data that comes in PDF format instead of Excel. How can you get it on a PowerPoint slide and show only what you need to show.
  • Two methods for drilling down in a complex financial statement. When you need to show the overall picture, and want to zoom in on a specific number, these methods will be exactly what you will need to use.
  • How to smoothly jump to more detailed information if someone asks for it, without fumbling around and breaking the flow of your presentation.

This webinar will be focused on how you accomplish these tasks in PowerPoint, so I’ll be using many screen shots and will likely drop into editing mode to demonstrate specific techniques. If you’ve seen some of my slide makeovers or been in one of my courses and wondered how I created the slides, this will be a perfect session for you. If you want to learn some of the techniques that will save you tons of time and make slide creation easier, purchase now.

It doesn’t matter which version of PowerPoint you use.  I show instructions primarily in PowerPoint 2007, but I cover PowerPoint 2003 and 2010 if there are any differences (usually they are almost identical).  I focus on the Windows versions of PowerPoint, but almost everything is very similar in the Mac versions of PowerPoint.

You may have missed the live version of this webinar, but the recording is available. You can download a WMV video file and watch it at your own pace. You can pause whenever you want to try the techniques in PowerPoint or the other tools I demonstrate.

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