Incorporating Video In Your PowerPoint Presentation webinar

Video is the hottest trend in presentations.  Now you can learn how to add video to your PowerPoint presentation without spending thousands of dollars or taking days of extra effort.

Video is the hottest trend in communicating.  We are watching more video than ever before on the Internet and we have seen presenters use video clips in their presentations.  It looks like it is difficult and expensive to add video to your presentations, but it really isn’t.  You can add video to your presentations yourself without any fancy equipment, software or specialized knowledge.  When you add video, you take your presentation to the next level.  I want to blow open the myth that video is too difficult for most presenters to use.  So I did a one hour webinar where I show you:

  • How to create an effective video clip
  • How to make sure you don’t get into legal trouble when using video clips
  • The three key sources for video, including the most powerful one which is probably in your pocket right now
  • How to make sense of the alphabet soup of video file formats, and which one is the preferred format for PowerPoint
  • Two free utilities (one online and one program) that you can use to convert almost any video file to the preferred format
  • The two key parameters of any video clip that will determine how well it looks in your presentation
  • Step-by-step instructions for the two methods of inserting video clips into your presentation
  • Exactly what you should say and do during the presentation so that the audience pays attention to the video and immediately understands the point of the video

I’ve been using video for years in my workshop presentations and I’ve helped many presenters start using video clips in their presentations.  You can join the group of top presenters who use video clips in their PowerPoint presentations.

It doesn’t matter which version of PowerPoint you use.  I show instructions primarily in PowerPoint 2007, but I cover PowerPoint 2003 and 2010 if there are any differences (usually they are almost identical).  I focus on the Windows versions of PowerPoint, but almost everything is very similar in the Mac versions of PowerPoint.

You may have missed the live version of this webinar, but the recording is available. You can download a WMV video file and watch it at your own pace. You can pause whenever you want to try the techniques in PowerPoint or the other tools I demonstrate.

The media have told us that the recession is over and good times are here again.  Well I know lots of people who haven’t seen that yet.  Training budgets are still cut, and people are still fearful of their jobs.  In fact, one of our friends, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, got laid off after 14 years with the organization and another friend has been out of work for over two years.  So I’m going to make this outrageously affordable for you to get.  I’m only asking you to pay $49!  That’s right, for less than fifty bucks, you get 60 minutes of rock solid useful training on the hottest trend in presentations today.

Here are some comments from those who attended the live webinar:

"It was a terrific and specific course that gives our team the competitive edge of video in our presentations because Dave has answered and stepped me through a lot of the typical hurdles, questions, concerns, and fears we have had about using video in PPT in the past!  Thanks Dave!"

"Love the quick, applicable ideas and the tools that make it all work!"

"This session was loaded with great information!  It takes you from novice to pro in one easy lesson."

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